Automate COVID-19 reporting
with restores safety and trust in workplaces by streamlining your company's policies and procedures for COVID-19 reporting.

“We will have coronavirus in the fall. I am convinced of that.”

— Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

How HealthKey Works

HealthKey is an easy-to-use, mobile-first, no-touch platform for self-reporting and screening employees and visitors for COVID-19. Our solution is built in line with OSHA guidelines and integrates with your existing identity platforms.

Report Risk Factors

Employees report their COVID-19 risk factors on their personal mobile devices, after logging into their corporate directory.

Verify HealthKey

No-touch check-in stations validate 2D barcodes called “health keys” generated in personal mobile devices.

Monitor Trends

Employers can authorize their COVID-19 task force to monitor metrics and trends in the cloud to improve workplace safety.

Why social distancing works

Early detection is the key to workplace safety

The exponential growth of COVID-19 requires employers to be vigilant of individual risk factors to better protect their employees. Research has shown that social distancing implemented a day sooner reduced the number of infections by as much as 40%.

With HealthKey, your company can:

  • Ensure that all employees report their COVID-19 risk factors on their personal devices
  • Identify employees using your existing directory infrastructure
  • Automate collection of attendance information at no-touch check-in stations
  • Monitor key metrics at your worksites in real-time to enable early detection
  • Comply with OSHA guidance to “develop policies and procedures for employees to report when they are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.”

Schedule a demo

Our team will setup a web-conference to demonstrate the solution and provide a quote. We will also discuss integration options with your existing company directory (such as Office365, Active Directory or GSuite), or set up a new one for you.

Available on mobile web and Android

Does your organization already use HealthKey? Please download the app below to generate health key codes on your smartphone.